Hugh Vasquez


The Color of Fear

Presentations with this highly acclaimed film on racism.


Hugh Vasquez is a social justice educator, speaker, and facilitator working to build leaders who will work to transform institutions, organizations and communities so that equity and social justice becomes a reality for all. 

Liberation, freedom, and justice is a possibility for all people, but not without transforming ourselves and our social institutions.  All of us have inherited a society (in fact, a world) where some receive advantages while others are discriminated against simply because of skin color, gender, social class status, and the like.  If as individuals we don't work to change what we have inherited, we will continue to reproduce a world where there are haves and have nots.  

Hugh works with a number of partners including Victor Lewis (both Hugh and Victor are primary cast members in the award-winning film The Color of Fear) and Dr. Peggy McIntosh (Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege).  Together they combine over 50 years of experience working with organizations and communities to address social justice issues.  Hugh and partners offer consultation, training, keynote presentations, and facilitation to groups interested in social change.

None of us do this work solely on our own; we are standing on the shoulders of those who paved the way for us to do our work.  Although there are many who paved the way for me, I wish to publicly honor two mentors who gave me insights and support that allow me to continue every day to work for liberation and justice – the late Ricky Sherover Marcuse and Harrison Simms.


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