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Hugh Vasquez is currently a Senior Associate with the National Equity Project in Oakland, CA and a speaker and educator on social justice issues.  He is the former Executive Director of the San Francisco Education Fund, a partner with the Center for Diversity Leadership with Victor Lewis, and a founder of the Todos: Sherover Simms Alliance Building Institute in Oakland, CA, all organizations dedicated to ending all forms of social oppression and building cross cultural alliances.  Driven by a deep sense of fairness, equity, and justice, Hugh has emerged as one of the nation’s top leaders in working to create environments where people from all cultures are honored, respected, and valued.  In the past 25 plus years, Hugh has worked with hundreds of organizations who want to take on the challenges of eliminating the social conditions that produce racism, sexism, classism, homophobia and the like.  He has assisted local, regional and national organizations to address inequities in our social institutions and he has provided training to thousands of individuals throughout the country.  Hugh is also a presenter with Speak Out, a national organization providing top speakers on social justice topics.

One of Hugh’s greatest accomplishments is the creation of a youth program (New Bridges) that helps teenagers learn to eliminate discrimination and prejudice.  School districts in the San Francisco Bay area have implemented this program as a primary strategy to promoting inclusion and equity.  Hugh’s leadership and experience with youth led organizations from other countries to seek assistance as well.  He has trained leaders in Nicaragua to work with youth on race, gender, class, and sexual orientation issues and provided training to civil rights workers in Guatemala.

Hugh is a primary cast member in the award-winning film The Color of Fear and appeared with the rest of the cast on the Oprah Winfrey Show.  Hugh is also the lead facilitator in the film Skin Deep, a documentary on race relations with college students, and he was an advisor to It’s Elementary, a film addressing homophobia with children.  He has co-authored the books No Boundaries:  Unlearning oppression and building multicultural alliances and Making Allies Making Friends: A curriculum for middle schools, as well as published various articles on strengthening cultural roots and eliminating privileged systems. 

Hugh has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  He is a native Californian currently residing in the San Francisco Bay area and the father of two powerful children.


Hugh Vasquez